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On point 5 of the differences between the two believes, I think that for Roman Stoics, human nature was not perfectible, but that it should be actively followed as it is — both human nature in general and our own individual natures.

And these are the people who do not merit the world to come: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, http: Indeed, there is evidence that they became—again as a result of criticism from the Skeptics—reliabilists about knowledge Goldman Another factor was the relative obscurity of Gassendi himself, whose explicitly pro-Epicurean tracts were written in Latin and not widely translated Gassendi is better remembered today for his anti-Cartesian writings.

I think that another difference between the two beliefs are Christians forgive people who cause them troubles. This argument reiterates the idea that one should not fear death.

What today I say is good tomorrow I will swear is bad. Consequently, God is immanent in the universe, and it is in fact identified with the creative cosmic Fire. Any negative influences must be carefully avoided. The Stoics distinguished among opinion weak, or falseapprehension characterized by an intermediate epistemic valueand knowledge which is based on firm impressions unalterable by reason.

And I demanded of them: Again, the Psalms of David are a good indication of this. The Epicurean sympathizer Celsus wrote A True Discourse, which was among the first works to directly challenged the veracity of the Christian scriptures and mock the essential irrationality of many Christian beliefs.

In both cases we have an all-pervasive God that is identified with Nature and with universal cause and effect. This argument reiterates the idea that one should not fear death. There is ample evidence, then, that Stoicism was alive and well during the Roman period, although the emphasis did shift—somewhat naturally, one might add—from laying down the fundamental ideas to refining them and putting them into practice, both in personal and social life.

This way of living claimed many thousands of committed followers, all over the ancient Mediterranean world, in cooperative communities that lasted for hundreds of years.

What is Stoicism and How Can it Turn your Life to Solid Gold?

Hadot draws a series of parallels between the four virtues, the three topoi and what are referred to as the three Stoic disciplines: The Stoics on the Nature and Function of Philosophy. There are four primary truths found in Epicureanism: Ethics deals with selfless actions. The Logos, in a universal sense, is a single connection between everything in the world, but is always changing with the Flux.

Which brings me to the next point. That involves a switch in the centre of your self, an an evolution from a self based on appearances looking good to others to a self rooted in service to God.

The pieces of the soul that are benevolent in nature should be made dominant.

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Stoics are only concerned about what they can control — their inner qualities, their virtues. Wagstaff Logics, ethics, and metaphysics are also key principles in Stoicism.

Stoicism and Christianity

The relationship with God is more emotional, more sensual, more dare I say it erotic than in Greek philosophy although there is an argument that this erotic aspect of worship is in Plato too.

Epicurus eliminated the need for this fear. To simplify quite a bit but see Bobzien for a somewhat in-depth treatmentStoic syllogistics was built on five basic types of syllogisms, and complemented by four rules for arguments that could be deployed to reduce all other types of syllogisms to one of the basic five.

This also implies a very different view of natural science from the modern one: Zeno distinguished between indifferents that have value axia and those that have disvalue apaxia.

Stoicism vs epicureanism essay about myself. Stoicism vs epicureanism essay about myself. 5 stars based on 66 reviews Essay. Cpt code s descriptive essay, writing Our society overly materialistic essay help closing an essay. Zeno of Citium (/ ˈ z iː n oʊ /; Greek: Ζήνων ὁ Κιτιεύς, Zēnōn ho Kitieus; c.

– c. BC) was a Hellenistic thinker from Citium (Κίτιον, Kition), Cyprus, and probably of Phoenician descent. Zeno was the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy, which he taught in Athens from about BC. Based on the moral ideas of the Cynics, Stoicism laid great emphasis on.

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Zeno of Citium

Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies. Stoicism and epicureanism essay about myself November 21, The sparrows nest poem analysis essays.

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Hi, a very interesting post. Your lifestyle does look like taking the best of Stoicism.

Epicurean History

However, I think it much more resembles the ancient philosophy of Epicureanism (mind you, the current meaning of the word Epicurean is exactly the opposite of what it meant in Ancient Greece).

Tomorrow is the big event on Stoicism for Everyday Life in London, at which Mark Vernon and I will be discussing the relationship between Stoicism and Christianity. Mark has an interesting story to tell – he was a priest, who then left Christianity and found an alternative in Greek philosophy.

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